Smart and Eco-Friendly Restoration

Whether for financial reasons or aesthetic value, house restoration can be both smart and eco-friendly, exposing old oak beams and fabulous original fireplaces can prove to be a rewarding process. Furthermore, do a restoration project the eco-friendly way and you can reduce your carbon footprint by sourcing reclaimed materials wherever possible (Wimbledon Floors can help you with this!) - also you can use Freecycle or eBay wherever possible and remember that skips are your friend! You can even visit reclamation yards and ask builders to keep an eye out for items. Make your mantra - "Do not replace what you can repair!"

Sourcing materials is just one of the many challenges that you will be faced with during the restoration process - especially if you cannot find the right materials. There is a fine balance between wanting to keep key features and marrying old materials with new technology. A power shower is not exactly a traditional period feature but you do not have to compromise on luxury! Houses change and evolve over time, so if you remember this then the whole process can be less painful and stressful. Just remember your legal obligations - if you are restoring a listed building or a property in a conservation area you may be restricted as to what you can and cannot do, inside and outside the property.

Getting furniture and flooring right can make or break a room. Consider buying appropriate antique furnishings and sanding or restoring wooden floors. Although many DIY stores claim that wood floor restoration is a DIY process there is alot more to it than meets the eye. Loose boards will have to be replaced and gaps will have to be filled. The floor will have to be sanded, primed, painted and sealed. floor restoration

It is also worth concealing your heating system under the flooring. Central heating in the form of radiators can somewhat unbalance the design of a room. Opt instead for a wood floor heating mat underfloor heating system, which has been specifically designed to fit under old wood floors.

If you like the idea of electric underfloor heating, but your wooden floors are beyond repair, consider other floor overlay options, such as laminate flooring. Easy to fit and traditionally cheaper than real wood, laminate flooring is available in an array of styles and shades, and you should be able to find the perfect product for your restoration project.

Hot Floors is a leading supplier of underfloor heating in the UK. They have a comprehensive range of products which allow them to provide you with an electrical under floor heating system for any situation. Their staff will help you choose the most suitable products, or if you know what you want you can just order online. Wimbledon Floors will help you incorporate underfloor heating mats into your floor restoration project.