Wood Floor Restoration

Why Doing It Yourself Isn't The Best Way

Any visit to a large DIY store will provide you with all the instructions and equipment to "have a go!" at wood floor restoration. Unfortunately and despite your best efforts the finished results will rarely live up to your expectations as with most "simple" jobs it's not always that simple!!

A professional wood floor finish comes from using the "right" tools, years of experience and knowing the products from sanding equipment to finishing lacquer.

Not all floors are the same, however there is a general wood floor restoration procedure that we follow in most cases...

Firstly we check for and fix loose boards and replace any boards as required or requested. Narrow gaps and small imperfections are then filled using a solvent based resin. Wider gaps are dealt with by inserting narrow 'fillets' then filled as before.

The floor is sanded diagonally across the floor using a 24 grit to ensure a flat surface. By using this method we ensure that we remove indentations and scratch marks that have been caused over time with daily wear and tear.

We then sand the floor along the boards. This process is repeated, sometimes several times over. By working in this way we are able to create a natural and professional surface for the next part of the restoration. We then coat the floor with a primer. The primer is important in the floor restoration process as it enhances the grain, if this is the look you are trying to achieve, it also allows an even finish of the final sealant coats.

We use a range of hard wearing, environmentally friendly and durable floor sealants with Matt, Satin and Gloss finishes. The durability of water based polyurethane resins are used to combine a high degree of wear and chemical resistance within both residential homes and commercial premises and are fast drying, offering minimal disruption and produce very little odour during application and the drying process.

We believe that floor restoration is about enhancing the natural beauty of your floor and we often find that staining a sanded wood floor gives the room a whole new look and is particularly effective if you are looking for a rich wood effect when you have old pine floorboards.

We can offer any finish that you prefer from a simple wax to a full stained varnish and we are happy to discuss with you your requirements and make expert sugggestions about which you should choose.

A floor restoration with Wimbledon Floors is a great choice because it is a cost effective and long lasting way to help you to maintain your homes' natural look with a beautiful wood floor.