Wood Floor Sanding

Wood floor sanding is not a quick and easy DIY job and without the correct know-how or experience the mess can be incredible and can leave your beautiful wood floor permenantly damaged!!

wood floor sandingAsk yourself a few questions:

Do you you know how to prepare your wood floor prior to sanding?

Do you know how to get the best out of your wood floor type?

Do you have prior experience in the correct use of wood floor sanding equipment?

Do you know the best wood floor sanding products to use for your floor type?

What floor sanding angles will you use and how many passes will you make?

Are you sanding correctly for your chosen final finishing products?







Why Choose Wimbledon Floors?

wood floor sanding

As Wood Floor Sanding Professionals We Will:

Help you decide on the right finish and design of your wooden floor

Take special care of your floor right from the preparation stage

Only use wood floor sanding equipment appropriate to your floor type and take account of such factors as room size, wood type and final finishing products etc.

Always be aware that this is YOUR home and that life needs to go on around us!

Provide, supply and apply appropriate floor finsihing products safely and expertly

Provide you with floor after care information and advice so that your floor will look beautiful for longer